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Christopher Cloos

Danish eyewear brand Christopher Cloos approached Shadow Lion in 2020 with the hopes of creating content that would resonate with an American audience. They had recently partnered with Tom Brady but didn't have a creative strategy to take advantage.

In year one we addressed their need for sales growth by building two unique spots engineered for peak buying moments with deep connections to the brand’s ethos. With the success of the first campaign, we implemented a lighter tone for year two with six comedic social posts uniquely tied to Tom’s personality and audience.

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Those spots not only grew Cloos’ sales and position within the US market, but created unique opportunities to reveal a side of Tom fans hadn’t seen.

Each campaign was shot in just one day, within a single location, and required just 4 hours of Tom’s time. By conducting every phase of the process in-house, we captured enough content for a six month window with efficiency and intentionality. 

Working with Cloos proved our belief that authentic creative combined with brand and athlete interests yields superior results for everyone.

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We're a new generation of storytellers—one defined by hustle, emotion, and trust. It’s an ethos we’ve cultivated since we began working with our first client: Tom Brady. We’ve only gone up from there.

We create content—for brands, athletes, and influencers—built to perform in a fast-moving world. And we create content for ourselves, driven by our own curiosity to discover and tell impactful stories.

No matter the medium, no matter the moment, we strike at the right time, in the right place to efficiently turn stories into impact.