It’s been a long while since I last wrote. We went to the parents house for the 4th so the kids could watch fireworks. Bryce gave them both rides on his Harley, and asked me if I wanted to take a spin. I declined, but looked for a Voyager on Craigslist. Turns out there was one for sale in Aberdeen, but I didn’t get in touch with the guy to look at it. Bryce looked at it a couple days ago and said it was in great shape for the age of it. I am really torn about buying it.

In one of Seth’s last games he caught a pop fly then threw the ball to first for a double-play. I am so proud of him. He will be starting the second session in August. He also wanted to play flag football, so we signed him up for it. We are looking at the possibility of him staying with G&G for a few days by himself.

Logan is doing much better about going to sleep at night. Yesterday morning he actually asked me to take him to daycare. Prior to that he constantly insisted Susan do it and Seth was getting upset that we were not taking turns. Logan also decided he wanted to wear a backpack to daycare because he was a “big boy” now. He got a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago that tie, and he is very proud of them.

I am staining and sealing the table I made back in March. Once it is done I will need to find a place for it in the house. The Jeep will soon be in need of new tires and I am thinking about getting a lift kit, new rims and bigger tires when that happens.

We took the boys to the hills for vacation. They were challenging during the time between activities, but pretty good while we were doing things. We had supper at the campground restaurant when we arrived Thursday, and it was disappointing. We spent all day Friday at the campground. The kids played mini-golf, swam in the pool and jumped on the bouncy pillow. We took them to Hot Springs on Saturday for the mammoth site and Trout Haven. Turns out the Trout Haven Ranch differs considerably from the Trout Haven Campground west of Rapid City. The Campground is the one I was at as a kid, and the Ranch is scary. The “Yes We’re Open” sign on the gate was hanging askew, there were a couple old Mustang cars parked in the visitor parking, the pond was had a bunch of moss and little fish. Nobody came to great us, and we felt like we were trespassing so we left. After visiting the mammoth site (both kids loved digging for replicated bones) we took them to a rock shop where they could pan for gold and other cool rocks. Sunday morning we loaded up the car and took them to the real Trout Haven. Both kids caught 2 trout. They were not interested in eating them, so we donated them. It was quite a long ride home, and we had to stop several times. It was good to be in our own bed again.

On Monday we took the kids to Wild Water West. We were there for over 5 hours and the kids had a blast. Seth liked the big slides. We all liked the Lazy River. Once Logan found out he could go on the big body slide he wanted to go repeatedly, and laughed every time we went down. Right before we left Seth went on the Black Hole slide, which is the 6-story high tunnel plunge slide. I was too scared to try it.

Seth’s first night of practice was on Tuesday. He was playing third base when he caught a pop fly. The runner who was on third took off for home so Seth tagged the base, then turned around to tag the runner on second who was running to third. We were both proud of his triple-play.

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What I did two weeks ago.

I signed up for a woodworking class through the Sioux Falls School District. The class was on making an end table and was 21 hours long starting from Friday evening. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. Maybe I have a future in woodworking.



Pictures of my finished table and me in my full battle gear.

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Good thing this isn’t a resolution…

Some random updates:
Logan can now count to 40, and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to “show you”. His first swim lesson without a parent along was two days ago. He was reluctant to get into the pool at first, but was soon swimming with the other kids. He can climb out of the pool by himself. Somehow when he was watching Youtube videos on his tablet last week he managed to Chromecast it to the TV. All of a sudden the TV is showing some sort of Lego game walkthrough. I’m rather proud of him, but he will probably know more about computers and technology than me within the next five years.

Seth is also taking swim lessons on the same nights, just one hour later. He knows how to do everything they have covered, so he doesn’t always pay attention to the teacher.

I am signed up for a woodworking class to build an end table. I wanted the class to build a bookcase, but that was filled up.

The folks came down to watch the kids one Saturday when Susan was working. I ordered pizza from Papa Johns. The delivery guy pushed the doorbell button so hard it got stuck. The folks Remarked about smelling something burning, so I unstuck the button but didn’t test or think about it any further. Fast forward to last Sunday. Someone was stopping by to drop something off. They pushed the button and we didn’t come to the door, so they left. Turns out the coils in both announcers overheated and fused the plunger. So I ended up having to replace both. I got some cheap, wired “ding-dong-style” announcers and installed them.

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Seth had his family birthday party

On Saturday. I had to borrow Susan’s car to go get her Christmas present because it was too big to fit in the Jeep. After the traditional birthday pizza lunch Seth opened his presents.

Sunday morning we went to church, then to Lucinda’s house for lunch and a Christmas gift exchange, then we went home so Seth could change for a birthday party at the Ramkota. After that we stopped at Shoe Carnival to get new shoes so we can play racquetball at Family Wellness. Susan and Logan went to Lewis to visit Santa.

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Today is Seth’s birthday

He couldn’t wait for his party tomorrow so he got to open two of his presents this morning since he was ready for school early. Susan picked up BK for a special birthday breakfast after working out at the gym. We picked Tink up from the vet yesterday, then took Seth to Red Rosa for his birthday dinner.

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It’s been awhile since my last post

Seth had his birthday party at the Ramkota swimming pool. Fun was had by all kids in attendance. Last Saturday we adopted a new cat. Her name is Tink and she is two years old. Jaspurr is slowly warming up to her. We took the kids to Family Wellness last Sunday for swimming. After that the boys played basketball in the gym.

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Yesterday was a very sad sad day

Tigger, my cat for 18 years died while I was at work yesterday. She had not been eating very much lately and I was going to give her a bowl of milk when I got home as a treat, but I was too late.

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First snow of the year…

And the forecasters are predicting total accumulation of 4 to 7 inches too. I saw an accident on Marion Road between 41st and 49th on the way to work. It’s not a lot of snow yet, but it’s very slippery. Technically, this is the second snow – the first being around Halloween. That one had big, fluffy snowflakes coming down in a flurry, but it all melted when it hit the ground.

Seth’s teacher conference went well. Seth is doing good in all areas, and excelling in reading.

Seth also got a first-place medal for selling the most popcorn in his Cub Scout Den last Monday. He was very surprised, and very proud too.

Logan decided he didn’t want his two little blankets for nap time at daycare. He traded them for a “big boy” tiger blanket. He also traded his brown bear and kitty stuffed animals for the hippo stuffed puppet.

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Family photo shoot

We met the photographer yesterday at 4PM to get a family photo taken. I showed up first, and was parked on Oxbow by the Outdoor Campus. Just as Susan was pulling up four deer ran out of the trees, across a grassy area, and then back into the trees. Both kids saw the deer and were rather excited about it.

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Go figure part 2

I bought a cat bed for Tigger so she would stop sleeping on our bed by our heads.  I put it on the floor next to the bed.  Tigger completely ignored it and decided to sleep on one of my shirts instead.  All is not a total loss though as Jaspurr has decided that he likes the bed.

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