The tire saga continues

The tires finally left Las Vegas on Friday, only to arrive in Denver and get weather-delayed there all weekend – and they are still there! At this rate I could have had the tires delivered by stagecoach faster than what FedEx is doing. The shop is going to put my old tires and rims back on so I have a vehicle for the rest of the week.

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Tire update

My tires that were supposed to arrive FedEx yesterday are stranded in Las Vegas due to a monsoon or something. This means I will be without my Jeep for the weekend and Susan will be working all day tomorrow.

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Another year has come and gone

This wasn’t our best Christmas. The Friday night before we were out driving around looking a Christmas light displays when Seth announced he felt sick and immediately power-puked all over inside the minivan. He even got some in Susan’s purse, so she got a new purse and wallet. Seth spent most of the time putting together and playing with his new Lego Freight Train while the rest of us were laying down or puking.

It was also very bad weather-wise on Sunday and Monday, so we went to visit G&G on the tail end of the week. The kids didn’t mind as we had kind of a mini New Year’s Eve party. I don’t know where he heard it from, but out of the blue Logan said, “Poop, there it is”. We all laughed at him so he said it a few more times as he was enjoying the attention.

On New Year’s Eve Logan was getting undressed in the living room to put his jammas on when he decided he needed to use the bathroom. So he ran past the family sitting in the kitchen naked and Susan said, “It can’t be a New Year’s Eve party unless someone’s naked”.

I dropped the the Jeep off this morning for a 2.5″ lift, new rims and tires.

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