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In 2017, EA Sports approached Shadow Lion with the creative task of promoting Tom’s first appearance on the cover of their popular NFL video game. Drawing from the popular “Madden curse” theory, we crafted a satirical digital short that poked fun at the Madden curse and Brady’s illustrious health techniques. 

It became, at the time, the highest engaging branded post on Tom’s social channels and it only took him 45 minutes to film. 

Fast forward to 2022 and another appearance by Tom alongside Patrick Mahomes on the cover of Madden, a similar creative need arose from our partners over at EA. In a nod to the success of Tom’s last appearance in the safety bubble, we poked fun at the differences between Tom and Patrick’s required “protective equipment” as cover athletes and cast Tom in a new light as the main character in a sitcom where he tries to hassle some of his old buddies to play Madden with him. 

Creating such diverse tones for the same brand requires trust and a willingness to have open, laid back and real conversations. This is an element of our “secret-sauce” that we bring to every project and the core of how we’ve built such a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship with EA.

What stuck out to me immediately was the efficient nature at which [Shadow Lion] could create highly engaging content, from creative brief to delivery, under extremely ambitious timelines. They’ve changed the perspective we have on content creation due to their creative flexibility and always ambitious attitude. We have relied on Shadow Lion to get the job done under all the circumstances, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Ty StoverEA Sports, Athlete Marketing Lead


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Shadow Lion was founded in 2017 with the goal of supporting Tom Brady’s off-field media efforts. Leaning on insights from those experiences, we quickly began providing creative services to other athletes, influencers and organizations as well.

Our creative philosophy is simple: move people.

No matter the medium, better storytelling and better content will always lead to higher and more quality engagement. We are the creators and the audience, which gives us a unique perspective on how to create impactful content that people actually want. We develop and execute, which allows us to cut out expensive "middlemen" by developing original creative and then executing with top-notch production. Ultimately, we’re always looking to create visceral reactions. From the heart, to the heart.

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