Shadow Lion was founded in 2017 with the goal of supporting Tom Brady’s off-field media efforts. Leaning on insights from those experiences, we quickly began providing creative services to other athletes, influencers and organizations as well.

Our creative philosophy is simple: move people.

No matter the medium, better storytelling and better content will always lead to higher and more quality engagement. We are the creators AND the audience, which gives us a unique perspective on how to create impactful content that people actually want. We develop AND execute, which allows us to cut out expensive "middlemen" by developing original creative and then executing with top-notch production. Ultimately, we’re always looking to create visceral reactions. From the heart, to the heart.

Gilad Haas
Managing Director
Ben Rawitz
Partner / Producer
Jeff Fine
Creative Director
Colby Blanchet
Creative Director
Dan Levy
Director / Editor
Alex Monto
DP / Editor
Ben Stone
Editor / Graphic Design